Saturday, December 19, 2009

dreams are blogs

Dreams are blogs.

I have been really interested in hypnosis and its relation to dreaming. In order for someone to be hypnotized there has to be an element of belief in the process itself.  (there also may be some genetics involved.)  Last summer my partner tried to send me subliminal messages while I was asleep. ( she woke up at 6 am everyday, I did not)  We mostly tried to relay positive messages, “you will have a great day,” “you will be extremely motivated to accomplish ___________today.”  “ you will take a long walk today”  Feeding me these positive thoughts definitely affected my daily outlook. Also what harm can positivity do? I’m sure everyone has seen/heard about  the whole Dr. Masaru Emoto thing .  if not here’s the wikipedia.

I usually share my dreams with my friends especially if they are involved.

I read somewhere that by asking yourself in your waking life “am I dreaming?” several times a day, and taking time to take note of you visual surroundings in your waking life, you will train yourself to ask the same questions as you dream, promoting lucid dreaming (where you have control over your dream life).

I have been trying to fall asleep faster by forcing myself to imagine the random thoughts and imagery that appear in my mind as I am falling asleep. Thinking in a nonlinear fashion calls me to the next idea/ image and before I know it I am asleep.

Last night as I tried this again I dreamt that dreaming was like blogging. Images and words in bold flashed before my eyes in this half asleep half awake state. I don’t know if this is because of all this blogging we’ve been doing, but I definitely see some connection.

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  1. This is really interesting - I hadn't heard of Masaru Emoto ... and this idea that dreaming is like blogging - I like it that you see it as non-linear. I think a lot of folks see the opposite- very linear and "sedimentary" so to speak...